Embroidery is run on our commercial embroidery machines. We used a digitized file (.dst) from our computer program and transfer that file to the embroidery machines to run. Because of this process, we are able to do single items and there are not minimums for embroidery. Embroidery does involve digitizing fees though because the process to take an original file (.jpg, .pdf, etc…) and make it into a .dst file takes time and needs to be done by hand in our software. Submit an inquiry here.

Digitizing Fees: Starting at $10

Start at $10 and go up. The fee will depend on stitch count in the logo. The higher the stitches the higher the cost.

Embroidery Cost: Depends on stitch count

After the logo is digitized, we will know the exact price per item. We can provide estimates up front after taking a look at the logo. You can submit images to management@almamaterdesign.com.

Getting Patches Made

Please contact us about getting patches made. This is a time consuming process and lead times are usually starting at 1 month. They also will need to be ordered in build, with a starting minimum of 25 of the same patch.

There are size restrictions to certain embroidery applications, like on hats and we cannot embroider gradients in logos. Please contact us for more questions and we will be glad to help.

Typically embroidery orders take 5-7 business days. If larger orders are placed, this time can extend out.

Bulk Patch lead time starts at one month.